“play. discover. connect”:

the playful Pop-Up Event of gamesweekberlin 2022!

On Saturday, September 17, 2022 we hosted a pop-up event at the former Colosseum cinema in the heart of Berlin. 
The historical venue was packed with more than 50 game stations, offering hands-on experiences with brand-new games, indies and retro classics to visitors of all ages. In addition, gamesweekberlin 2022 also featured board games and table tops, a virtual reality cinema, cosplay and community fun as well as a live stage program including talks and tournaments with influencers and Twitch streamers.

Gaming Sessions

on the Big Cinema Screen


“Ritual Night” is a rogue-lite social deduction party game where each day gets more chaotic. After each day, both sides gain powerful magic to deceive or deduce their opposition. “Ritual Night” has been the winner at this year’s DevBooster indie contest.

Join us for a Let’s Play session with the developers from Outfox Games!

Do It Yourself: Cosplay Talk with Maike Huster

Meet Blizzcon finalist Maike Huster at the gamesweekberlin 2022 pop-up event! Maike shows us how it’s done: from the idea to the finished outfit. Get exclusive tips and tricks for your entry into the cosplay scene!

Maike will be a guest on stage and will also have her own booth in the exhibition area!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament

with JustBecci, Bubu and Ollimeee

Take part in the big “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” tournament and play Nintendo’s world-famous arcade racer on the big cinema screen! Your opponents will be none less than Twitch streamers JustBecci, BuBu and Ollimeee – see if you can win against them!

let’s Play: The Cycle: Frontier with Yager and fisHC0p

Experience “The Cycle: Frontier” at gamesweekberlin 2022! The developers from Yager and Twitch streamer fisHC0p will give you exclusive insights into the contents of the upcoming Season 2 (including a new map) and will show how the team is developing the Free2Play shooter together with the community.

Street Fighter Arcade Bash by NERDISTANTV

The NerdistanTV crew challenges you in an unforgettable “Street Fighter” tournament! This is an open contest with our favorite classic fighting game: everybody is invited to participate, no previous knowledge needed!

No matter, if you’re an experienced “Street Fighter” pro gamer or just prefer button mashing – join us for epic battles on the big screen!

quiz Night Show

The Quiz Night Show, a well-known event series in the Berlin night life, takes the stage with a special edition at gamesweekberlin 2022!

Take part in this interactive quiz that will test your gaming knowledge: can you recognize games by their minimap, their healing potions or their typical noises? As usual, all questions and answers are lovingly presented in image, sound and video and garnished with a good dose of humor.

Standalone tickets available:
If you don’t have a day pass, you can buy a “Quiz Night Special Ticket” for only 6€, with access to the event from 7pm. Get your ticket here!

Cosplayers at gamesweekberlin 2022

Maike Huster

I’ve been cosplaying since 2018 and have specialized in larger armor for the majority of the time. I like to experiment with different materials and try to learn something new with every new cosplay.

I have already participated in several cosplay contests and was in the jury several times.

Insta: @maikehuster3

Kohana Aneko

I’m Kohana and started cosplaying in 2017. It all started when I found cosplay videos randomly and knew: “I want to do this, too!”. As a child I tried out a lot, but cosplaying turned into a passion, which I’m not only pursuing privately, but also for my work. I love to try out new characters and to challenge myself from sewing to crafting.

Insta: @kohanacosplay


I’m LittleMissBlueberry and started cosplaying in 2014. Mainly anime and game characters. Most of my costumes are selfmade since I’m a fashion designer, I also do the wigstyling, make-up and crafting. I’m working as a tattoo artist near Stuttgart and do many anime or game related tattoos but also floral and dark art.

  Insta: @little_miss_blueberry

Team dweebis is a community of anime, cosplay and gaming enthusiasts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland! At gamesweekberlin 2022, the dweebis will be represented with their own cosplay booth – meet these five cosplay stars there:






Pokémon GO

We’re excited have collaborated with Pokémon GO Germany for the gamesweekberlin pop-up event!  The event area featured special PokéStops on September 17, along with the following bonuses:

✅ 6-hour lure modules

✅ Encounters with Joltik, Porygon and Unown as rewards for your field research



Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Splatoon 3


The Cycle: Final Frontier


To the Stars

Stellar Cartography Interactive UG

Curious Expedition 2



Erkberg Games

Death Trash

Crafting Legends


Application Systems Heidelberg

The District VR

Proof of Taste and AnotherWorld VR

Lost Ember

Mooneye Studios

Haven Park

Mooneye Studios

Shumi Come Home

Mooneye Studios

Farewell North

Mooneye Studios

The Great Ocean

Actrio Studio

Blaloon Blalympia 2

Swinging Lama Productions UG

Rogue: Genesia


Super Intern Story

Blue Noise Games



We show Sticky Cats and



No man’s island

Manydev Studio


Appnormals Team

Fractal Space

Haze Games

I’m Not Jelly

1 Simple Game

Super Catboy



Artificial Disasters

Fueled Up

Fireline Games



Fall of Porcupine


The Tale of Bistun

Black Cube Games

Ritual Night

Outfox Games

Psychotic Bathtub – The Story of an Escalating Mind. And Ducks.

Natasha Sebben

Accalmie – Find your distractions

Kathleen Bohren

Kloppyssimo – Symphony of Khaos

Sebastian Burckhardt

Tom The Postgirl – To peek or not to peek

Léa Coquoz

Chasing Shadows

Ryan Brand

The Plague Doctor of Wippra



The venue is the former Colosseum, in the Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg, which had been used as a cinema from 1924 to 2019.

gamesweekberlin 2022 was the first event in this historic location after its reopening.

Schönhauser Allee 123, 10437 Berlin
(entrance around the corner at Gleimstraße)


Since we try to make our events as sustainable and as little harmful to the climate as possible, we strongly recommend to use public transportation. The stop “Schönhauser Allee” is in immediate vicinity, less than 1 minute walk from the Colosseum. Take these trains or bus lines: S8, S41, S42, S85, U2, N2, M1

If you still have to arrive by car, parking spaces can be found at the Parkhaus Schönhauser Karree or at the Parkhaus Schönhauser Allee Arkaden.