We are happy and proud to announce that we partnered up with one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. Freaks 4U Gaming are based in Berlin-Spandau, and their success story is tightly connected to their love for eSports and their professionalism. Wow, that sounds a little cheesy, but our admiration is heartfelt.

Freaks 4U Gaming is a gaming-focused marketing agency that provides marketing/PR solutions to customers worldwide with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and an Asian branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. They offer creative strategy consulting for branding, unique marketing and sales campaigns, individual services to realize campaigns, productions and events, and provide in-depth knowledge about the gaming market as well as insightful market research for our customers.

Apart from the agency business, Freaks 4U Gaming also manages its original web services catering to several gaming titles and produces new video content each day. In 2017 the company produced its own TV show, which was broadcast weekly on the renowned German TV channels ProSieben and ProSieben MAXX. The web services currently reach ca. 1 million users per month, with the TV shows attracting about 8% of all German TV consumers aged 14 to 49.

I think you’re freaky and I like you a lot. Some Freaks 4U office staff members during one of their occasional short photo breaks.

Freaks 4U Gaming will be hosting the #gamesweekberlin opening event on Monday evening, April 23. We will keep you updated about the details of the opening. The event itself will be invite only.

The “Freaks” are also sponsoring partners for our Womenize! event (April 24-25, 2018) and help us inspire girls, female emerging talents and professionals to get involved in the video game and tech industry. With workshops on Tuesday and a conference day on Wednesday. Again, tickets prices are more than reasonable (2 day student tickets for 20 Euros, 2 day regular tickets for 80 Euros).

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