Joscha is our Speaker Manager of #gamesweekberlin. He’s organizing everything for our fantastic speakers and working on the program of Womenize! Games and Tech. During his free time, he records Let’s Plays for the YouTube channel he is running together with our Womenize! Project Manager Jenni. To many people’s surprise, he is a German teacher as well.

1) What are your responsibilities for the #gamesweekberlin/what do you do at the
#gamesweekberlin 2018?
As the Speaker Manager I’m responsible for most of the people on stage during and before events like Womenize! That includes lots of walking but most certainly you’ll find me next to the stage, where I’m trying to make sure that we stick to our schedule.

2) Which event are you most looking forward to and why?
I’m really looking forward to this years Womenize! edition. It will be great to meet all of our speakers in person and to see them on stage. As an indie game enthusiast, I am also very excited about the A MAZE./ Berlin exhibition and eager to discover all the hidden indie gems.

3) What’s your favorite game you played this year?

Definitely Kingdom Come: Deliverance, although I didn’t finish it yet. I fell in love with that beautiful world and want to explore every pixel of it. And now, please excuse me… I have to get back to Bohemia!