Jenni is the Project Manager of Womenize! Games and Tech. If you wanted to give her an alias, she’d be the magical allrounder, because she loves and lives everything gaming-related. During her days off, she records Let’s Plays for Two Into Indie, is generally crazy about eSports and is being trained in game studies. She is currently writing her master’s thesis about the current resolution of the minimap in open world games.

What are your responsibilities for the #gamesweekberlin/what do you do at the #gamesweekberlin 2018?
Since 2015 I’ve been the Project Manager of Womenize! Games and Tech (April 24- 25) and responsible for everything related to that. My job begins by drafting the concept and ends at midnight after the second day of the conference, drinking a beer with my awesome team. Therefore, I invite the inspiring speakers, design the program and get in touch with all the possible partners, multipliers and the target audience. Additionally, I support our #gamesweekberlin team in planning the other individual events and ensure that chaos doesn’t take over our office space.

Which event are you most looking forward to and why?
Phew…tough question. For me the magic of #gamesweekberlin is about hosting all these great events under one roof!
So obviously Womenize!, but personally and as a Let’s Player, I am mostly looking forward to the Gamefest and A MAZE. / Berlin, because there will be so many game-treasures, just waiting to be discovered. Since I’m crazy about eSports, I think the German Esports Summit is an important step in the right direction.

What’s your favorite game you played this year?

Ah…questions aren’t getting any easier today, right? Although I played HOB last year, it still feels like yesterday, because it was so amazing! 2018 I go with Slay the Spire and of course Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Still in early access Slay the Spire is the most played game early 2018 in my steam library. The game combines card gaming with rogue-like mechanics in a fresh, unique way. I know everyone is currently talking about Kingdom Come: Deliverance but I am a big fan of their story and quest design. After many hours of playtime I never had the feeling of running from A to B, to find C and in the end killing D.