We view the fight against the climate crisis, and other environmental threats, as one of the most pressing matters of our time. We take our organisation‘s share of responsibility seriously. We pledge to continually look for ways to be more sustainable, make green choices and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • We will work to use more sustainable materials in all our printing and advertising
  • We will encourage all our visitors, vendors and staff to use green travel options, and will work towards rewarding those who do
  • We want to reduce gamesweekberlin’s carbon emissions caused by air travel. We will incentivise our employees to choose green travel options, and we will work on compensating of emissions for all air travel that cannot be avoided
  • We want to reduce the amount of waste created at our event. We aim will remove all single use plastics
  • We will actively seek out partners who focus on sustainability. This also extends to our vendors, sponsors and suppliers
  • We will work to create a healthy and sustainable environment both in our offices and at our events. This includes promoting positive work conditions that boost mental health, inclusiveness and diversity across our events and in our teams. We also have a safe space policy to ensure a harassment-free experience
  • Our location partner Kulturbrauerei will separate waste into plastic, paper/cardboard & residual waste. Food waste (organic waste) is also disposed of separately
  • Biodegradable disposable tableware is planned for the Gamefest. For QUO VADIS,  Kulturbrauerei will use porcelain dishes for catering. 
    Drinks from bottles and glasses will be used for QUO VADIS, reusable cultural brewery cups and bottled goods for Gamefest

Travel Like a Railroad Tycoon & Save Money

Use sustainable transport and play a game while you travel to gamesweekberlin with Deutsche Bahn. Get the best price ticket at a single nationwide price, available at every DB station.

Your costs for a single journey ticket, for use only on one specific connection, are starting at 49.50 EUR. Single journey tickets, for use on all connections, are starting at EUR 67,50. 

Click here for the full range of information, prices and availability about DB’s Event Ticket. 

Stardew Valley in the Rainforest

Plantaciones Edelman, founded in 2011, is a project in Costa Rica that aims to protect the rain forest. It offers you  (and us) to become tree-patrons. The project plants extreme rare trees, among others the Dipteryx oleifera, a tree that is home to the endangered Great Green Macaw. The project is run by people we know in person, it provides full transparency with regular pictures of the trees – visits are possible. 

You may wonder what the difference is to all the other reforestation and C02 compensation projects out there?

1. They own the properties on which the trees are planted

2. They keep track of the trees and clear them regularly for at least four years until they are big enough to survive on their own

3. Their trees are never cut down

4. Their trees help to restore the habitat of the Great Green Macaw – a rare and sympathetic green parrot

gamesweekberlin has become a tree-patron for 15 trees so far, and we are looking forward to increase our engagement. 



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