New location and dates for postponed gamesweekberlin PRO X | Gamefest cancelled

Today we want to inform you that gamesweekberlin has to be postponed. In 2020, the gamesweekberlin PRO X events Opening Breakfast, QUO VADIS – game development & business conference, Womenize! Games & Tech and Matchmaking Dinner will take place this fall (October 29-30) in cooperation with the consumer fair EGX Berlin. Herewith we follow the requirements of the Berlin Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality, due to the increased risk of the new Coronavirus/COVID-19. 
Between October 29-30 at Station Berlin, the PRO X will enhance the EGX with two days of B2B. More info coming soon. Your tickets retain their validity. If you are unable or do not want to participate at the new date, we will of course refund the purchase price. 
The Fachkonferenz “Democracy played through? Potentials of Games for the digital Society” of the Stiftung digitale Spielekultur will take place on October 28, the location is still tbc.
The A MAZE. / Berlin Festival of the ART X is also postponed and will now take place July 22-25 at Neuzeit Ost.
Unfortunately we see ourselves forced to cancel the gamesweekberlin PLAY X, including Gamefest, completely. All valid tickets will be refunded.  
About our reasons: We have consulted our partners and the community of game developers, have prepared with extra courses and ideas on how to to treat the situation with the appropriate professional seriousness. We developed a plan to ensure that the events were as hygienic as possible. Here, our location partner KulturBrauerei proved to be very forthcoming and inventive. But at the end of the day, it would have been irresponsible to carry on, even with heightened security measures. Our B2B conferences are always attended by an international audience, our B2C event is packed with people and high maintenance due to the many controllers, devices and other interfaces which would have been shared.    
Of course we struggled with the idea of postponement because we as a team have spent much of this year and the past year making sure that you will have an insightful and productive gamesweekberlin experience. While we were preparing our actions to inform you about our final decision, political reality has caught up with us. The Berlin Senate decided on Wednesday to ban all events with 1000 or more people. 
In any case, we believe the (medical) authorities who say that events like gamesweekberlin will increase the speed of infections. This is all very regrettable, but we firmly believe this is the right thing to do.



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