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Events open to the press of INTERNATIONAL GAMES WEEK BERLIN 2017:
  • Opening Summit (April 24)
  • Quo Vadis (April 24-26)
  • A MAZE. / Berlin (April 26-29)
  • Gamefest at the Computerspielemuseum (April 28-30)
  • GAME <3 CINEMA - Let's Play Local Multiplayer Tournament (! LIMITED SPACE !) (April 29)
  • Womenize! Tech, Digital Business and Media (tba)
  • Researching Games (April 28-29)
  • APITS Day (April 27)

more to come.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Games Week Berlin?

Ha! Very good question: The International Games Week Berlin is not an event in itself - it is a platform for individual events surrounding the topic of computer games. It's more like a big umbrella that unites several events. It's like fashion week, but for digital entertainment ;)

What do you mean by saying: the International Games Week Berlin is a platform for events?

A platform provides a framework which functions as a system that makes working together more efficient. The events within International Games Week Berlin are all organized by different companies. The connection we provide fosters the visibility of these events and provides for a coordinated experience for attendants. The events are clustered by target groups (from business and develpopers to gamers and families) so that there is the least possible overlap or conflict for our visitors. The platform is founded and run by Booster Space.

When does the International Games Week Berlin take place?

In 2017, we start on Monday, April 24, and close on Sunday, April 30. Therefore it's the first time we will fill a full week with events.

Does International Games Week Berlin take place every year?

Absolutely! Every April we choose one week to conquer Berlin with a full load of gaming events.

Is the International Games Week Berlin also interesting for people who aren’t gamers?

Yes! You don’t have to work in games or be a hardcore gamer to enjoy our events. Womenize! for example is an action day for young women who seek a career in tech, digital business or media. The Gamefest at the Computer Games Museum is a festival for fans and families, which shows how games and theater, music, literature and the visual arts influence each other. A MAZE. / Berlin also shows the more artistic side of games and might be worth a visit if you’re interested in new media art, good music or great parties.

Which events are associated with the International Games Week Berlin?

We unite so far:
1. Opening Summit of the #gamesweekberlin 2017
2. Quo Vadis -
3. A MAZE. / Berlin
4. Gamefest at the Computer Games Museum
5. Making Games Festival
6. Game br> 7. Womenize! Tech, Digital Business and Media
8. Matchmaking Dinner
9. researching games BarCamp
10. APITs Day
In cooperation with Deutscher Computerspielpreis

How many people help you realize this amazing week for games? Can I join as helping hand?

Including every event, we count more then 150 people working. That's quite a lot. But we're never enough. So, watch out for opportunities for being a volunteer. It brings lots of benefits.

How many visitors come to the events?

Depends on the event: Some of them are teeny-tiny, like the Womenize! workshops, where only a few dedicated people can come, others are the big flagships like Quo Vadis and A MAZE. / Berlin, both with more than a couple of thousand visitors every year.

At which venues do the events take place?

Berlin is our playground and we love it. That is why our events are spread out throughout the city: Starting at STATION Berlin, we'll stop by at the Urban Spree/RAW Area, up to Computerspielemuseum und Alte Feuerwache Friedrichshain, and down to HTW's Campus Wilhelminenhof. And that's just a selection of our +10 locations.

Is there a map of all venues?

A hint for you travellers! Take the U-Bahn to get the full experience! Please find an online map here. In our service broshure we will hand out at the Games Week Berlin center, you can also find a printed edition.

How many games are there to be played?

Last year we had 354. Not yet as much as on gamescom, on the other hand: Which game on gamescom is actually playable? ;)

Are you on Facebook?

Facebook? ... wait, yes, our intern says we have a page here:
Good to know: Most of the individual events have their own pages as well....
- Quo Vadis -
- A MAZE. / Berlin
- Gamefest at the Computer Games Museum
- Womenize! Tech, Digital Business and Media
- Researching Games
- Game Cinema
- [Making Games Festival] (

What’s your hashtag?

Yay! All our tweets can be found and filtered through: #gamesweekberlin & you can address us directly here: @gamesweekberlin
Btw, smart as we are, the same hashtag is used for instagram and facebook!

What is a Safe Space Hero?

It is very important to us, that everybody visiting Games Week Berlin and the events within, feels at home and welcome. Here is no place for discrimination of any kind or rude behavior. So it is always a good idea to have a hero on your side, looking out for you and making sure that we keep our space safe for everyone. In case, you feel offended or watch somebody behaving against our policy, just call out for a hero and s*he will handle the situation. Heroes Unite!

Who is behind International Games Week Berlin?

Actually a tricky question: The platform International Games Week Berlin is founded and organized by Booster Space, a Berlin-based concept, event and marketing company. But every event happening within #gamesweekberlin is managed by its own team. For example: Quo Vadis is organized by Aruba Events, A MAZE. / Berlin is organized by A MAZE. and the Gamefest am Computerspielemuseum is organized by the Computerspielemuseum (a little complicated, I know, but don't worry: You're not the first to ask). The big advantage is, though, that all these individual organizers are experts in their respective fields! So each event has its own style and offers an authentic experience for the visitors.

Do I have to buy individual tickets for each event?

Since we're really really bad at math, we still haven't figured out how to count up to.... ouh, my head starts to hurt.
Answer: Yes, you have to buy individual tickets, it just makes life easier. You can find your tickets in our shop.

But which ticket should I get?

No worries: We have the right event for you!

The sites are currently updated!
- Developers, publishers and more tech and business oriented people go to: Quo Vadis -
- Indie developers, artists, media creators and gamers who look for something new go to: A MAZE. / Berlin
- Gamers and families go to: Gamefest am Computerspielemuseum
- Local Multiplayer Enthusiasts go to: PlayChamp! and Game Cinema
- New talents or companies looking to build a diverse team go to: Womenize! Tech, Digital Business and Media or Making Games Talents
- Young academics and game researchers go to: Researching Games
- Developers seeking for equity based financing go to: VR & Games Investment Booster
- VIPs go to: Matchmaking Dinner

Do you have any discounts for students?

Of course. Depending on the event you can save more than 50% by bringing your students pass. More information on tickets can be found in our ticket shop.

I have a press accreditation, where do I get my badge?

Super-easy: Just visit one of the main locations (Monday - Wednesday: STATION Berlin, Wednesday - Saturday: Urban Spree, Saturday - Sunday: Computerspielemuseum) - your badge will already be waiting for you.

I have a press accreditation: which events can I attend? And is it okay to take pictures?

Not all events might have enough capacity for press, while others are highly exclusive (like the Investment Booster and the Matchmaking Dinner). But you're very welcome at the following events:
- Press Conference
- Quo Vadis -
- A MAZE. / Berlin
- Gamefest at the Computer Games Museum
- Womenize! Tech, Digital Business and Media
- Making Games Festival
- Researching Games BarCamp
- APITs Day

Please register beforehand in our press page.

We are press and are coming with a TV camera team. With whom do I have to speak in order to coordinate things?

Yay! That's great. And managable. We have a great team covering all press-related stuff, so reach out for them via and they will help you with every question or difficulty there might be.

Oh no, I missed the online accreditation! Is all hope lost? Can I still join the fun?

No need to wet your pants: Just visit us at the Press counter and show your Press ID - in return, the holy badge will be offered to you.

Are there Awards for outstanding game creations?

Yes, there are! There is the A MAZE. Award with 5 categories, given to the most amazing Indie games, there's also the Best of Quo Vadis Award, given to excellent gaming projects. And new this year we are again cooperating with the German computer games award, Deutscher Computerspielpreis.