Making Games Festival

„we live games!“

The Making Games Festival is the new hotspot for computer- and video-games, adressing people from the age of 18 up. For three days they have the chance to meet the designers of their fav games and to discover brand-new games: Over 30 not yet published Indie-Games wait to be explored! The attendees can check out their way into the games-industry at Making Games Talents and stock up with limited- and special-editions of exclusive top-games. In addition there will be Chill’n’Play-Areas with gaming stations as well as Retro-Areas that revive the good old days of gaming culture. At Making Games Festival the gaming community celebrates the history and the future of gaming, just like the motto „we live games!“

Monday-Wednesday, April 24-26, 2017
Luckenwalder Str. 4–6, 10963 Berlin

Wir Leben Spiele