Berlin Games Breakfast

Green Political Dialogue

Berlin has been positioning itself for some years as a new key location of the gaming economy in Germany. Supported by a dynamic, digitalized and creative economic structure, Berlin has become a great place for developing games. The gaming business creates more than one billion € in sales value and between 1,000 and 1,500 new jobs per year in the city of Berlin.

The extraordinary growth of the Berlin games economy has also created challenges and problems: job security issues; transitioning from a start-up-structure to an established industry; the quality and quantity of education in design and development; and establishing new spaces of creativity for development and projects in Berlin. Hence, the Greens in the Berlin House of Representatives are joining the International Games Week to host a workshop that opens a dialogue between politicians and key players in the Berlin gaming industry.

Afterwards, everyone is invited to experience the potential that is central to the Berlin games scene: at different stations, you can experience the excitement put into different game projects by developers and makers from different Berlin institutions and companies by testing their projects and products first-hand. The developer teams will also present themselves with short background information about their projects. Following their presentations, they will also answer questions from the audience.

Language: mostly German.

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Venue: Berlin House of Representatives (room 376), Niederkirchnerstr. 5, 10117 Berlin,
S+U-Bhf. Potsdamer Platz


10 AM - Workshop: How to develop the Berlin games economy?
Anja Schillhaneck,
Speaker for Science and Research of the parliamentary group Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
in the Berlin House of Representatives
12 PM - Showcase: Berlin Games
Stefan Ziller,
Speaker for Digitalization of the parliamentary group Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
in the Berlin House of Representatives

Exhibitors: HTW Berlin – Game Design,
Saftladen Berlin (Indie Games Collective),
Games Academy Berlin,
… and more tba.

Green Political Dialogue - Berlin Games Breakfast