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Games Week Berlin
Hotel reservations: +44 (0)20 7292 2320
Quote Special Reference Code: M4XTL
Berlin, Germany,
Monday 18th - Sunday 24th April 2016

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Use Moovit to find your way around Berlin during Games Week Berlin 2016! Find the different event locations on the Moovit map, and get to your destination smoothly with public transport. Download Moovit from your app store or click on the Moovit button in the official Games Week Berlin App.

An overview with all events, all organizers, all locations and all ... LOGOS! The Official Guides to International Games Week Berlin!

The GAMES WEEK Guide App offers a platform for all aspects of the international gaming scene. Following the motto of “Connecting Game Business, Technology and Culture” it brings together game designers, publishers, investors, politicians, players, fans, families, researchers as well as representatives from the entire media-industry. You can select if you are more interested in game development, gaming action or simply networking - save your schedule and be the Games Week Berlin hero!

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Games Week Berlin Center

The Games Week Berlin Center is the first contact point for visitors, speakers, the press and all interested visitors. It hosts a central accreditation desk, info-points, entertainment and a press lounge.

Dates and times of the Games Week Center:

  • Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, April 20: STATION Berlin, at Quo Vadis -

  • Thursday, April 18 - Friday, April 22: Haubentaucher, at A MAZE. / Berlin

  • Saturday, April 23 - Sunday, April 24: Computerspielemuseum, at Gamefest

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