The German Entertainment Software Association

The German Entertainment Software Association (BIU) is the interest group of producers and providers of entertainment software in Germany. The association and its 21 members represent over 85 % of the market for computer and video games in Germany and are the main contact partner for political and social institutions, the media as well as the general public when it comes to games. The members are purely developers and publishers, so the association is 100% focused on games. At the BIU office a team of 10 experienced experts is working full-time on Public Affairs, Public Relations, Market Research, Events, Legal Counselling and much more.

Since 2015 the BIU also offers two networks for the whole German industry. BIU.Dev is directed towards developers and freelancers involved in game development. BIU.Net is directed towards service providers, media and academia. These networks have been created to build a platform for the whole industry with the common goal of strengthening Germany as a location for games development.

In addition to the transparent presentation of the market by providing reliable market data, the BIU sustainably campaigns for the social and cultural acceptance of computer and video games as well as the strengthening of Germany as a games location. The association is co-organiser and sponsor of gamescom, Europes largest industry trade fair, as well as renowned awards, symposiums and conferences, among them the official German Computer Games Award and the Serious Games Conference.

The support of child and youth protection, of media literacy as well as data and consumer protection are amongst the main tasks of the BIU. At the instigation of the industry and trade, the Self-Monitoring of Entertainment Software (USK) was established in 1994, to guarantee the use of computer and video games appropriate to age. Intensive educational work promotes responsible use with the medium and a better understanding of media literacy is anchored in society.

To secure the future viability of the German games industry, BIU has been involved in the expansion of a functioning infrastructure in the areas of education and public support for many years. Furthermore, the association is actively committed to the fight against software and product piracy in Germany as well as internationally, to protect the intellectual property and thus the existence of creative artists in the games sector.

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BIU.Dev & BIU.Net Reception at Kino International

BIU.Dev & BIU.Net are inviting you to their reception with Currywurst and cocktails on Wednesday, April 22, from 5.30 to 7.00 p.m. at Kino International, Karl-Marx-Allee 33 (vis-à-vis Café Moskau). Meet the BIU team and other network members. Have a drink and hear the latest news about BIU.Dev & BIU.Net.

The industry networks BIU.Dev & BIU.Net are directed towards developers as well as all other market participants with the goal of creating a German-wide network of exchange and support for the games industry. They are aiming at strengthening Germany as an international hot spot for game development. Moreover they are offering several attractive services and discounts to their members.